FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes we are fully licensed as well as Insured including but not limited to Workman’s Compensation.

In addition, our company snapshot is available at http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov

On moving day, place your pet (whether in the carrier or not) in a safe, quiet place, such as the bathroom, so that he or she cannot escape. Place a large sign on the door that says, DO NOT ENTER, and be sure that the moving team is aware that the room is off-limits.

Yes, you would need to box all paperwork in your file cabinets. Keeping the paperwork in your filing cabinets increases the weight and sliders become bent upon picking up with dolly. But if you feel that it is too much to pack, please speak to your moving consultant about professional packing services.

Make sure at the time of the move, you let the movers know that it will be staying or put them out of the way in a consolidated area during the move to ensure that they stay where you need them.

It also helps to label what will be staying with you with color coded labels.

  • The more prepared you are for the moving team the more efficient your move will be which will save time. You can self pack, please refer to our moving tips for more information.
  • Make sure that everything is ready to go at the time of pickup. Anything that is small enough to fit in a box should be boxed.

No, we would appreciate a 72hr courtesy call to ensure that your storage is accessible at the requested time. In addition, the storage facility is only accessible during business hours Mon-Sat 9AM -5 PM excluding major holidays.

We have highly trained movers who have experience in moving a variety of high valued items. For example but not limited to Grand Pianos, Baby Grand Pianos, Uprights, Spas and Grandfather Clocks.Moving a piano and/or a SPA, requires special attention, please speak to your moving consultant about piano moving.

Please speak to your moving consultant about your waterbed, it possible we will refer customers to a specialist.

  • For all local moves: Credit Card or CASH or Pay Online here
  • For all long distant moves: Credit Card at pickup and before leaving facility; or CASH at deliver or you can conveniently Pay Online here

If you the paying customer will not be present during the pickup or delivery, please be prepared to pay the full cost of the estimate prior to moving day. Additionally, we would need written authorization that your agent will be available to sign on your behalf.

The middle of the month is the best time to move, most families or companies either need to vacate by the first of the month or the end of the month. Also note, that it is easier to reschedule moves for the weekday rather than the weekend, as that is the busiest time.

Call 619-531-0000 and select the dispatch option.

WARDROBE BOXES ARE FREE (LOCAL MOVES ONLY)! Box orders of $75.00 and up are delivered free of charge within a 25 mile radius. Please visit www.paknbox.com or speak with your relocation consultant for more details

If filing a claim is necessary, you can access the forms online via a PDF file. Please refer to theclaims section or call your moving consultant for further details.

We offer Binding Estimates as well as Fixed Price (Flat Rate) moves. These estimates are guaranteed based on the inventory list provided by the customer.

The truck will come fully stocked with any last minute materials that may be needed. Please let your relocation consultant know if any items require special tools.

We would like to avoid moving during inclement weather but ultimately the final decision would be up to the dispatcher of the company.

Please speak to your moving consultant about placing your items in full service storage. Please keep in mind that all of the furniture will stay blanket wrapped while in storage with us.

YES WE CAN is always Omega’s motto. Therefore, we can always arrange for cleanup after your move, please speak to your moving consultant for a free estimate.

Yes, we can take any unneeded items to the dump for a fee. Please speak to your moving consultant, if a trip to the dump is needed.

No, it is not required. It is gratuity and greatly appreciated by the movers.

Yes the movers take a lunch break. You are not responsible for providing lunch and will not be charged for the break time.

Please click here to review our claims process. This department does not accept phone calls. Everything must be submitted through email correspondence or mail.

IF there anything that requires my attention or something that you would need my help, We would be glad to assist you further.